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How-to decrypt password from boot.properties

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Running SQL Tuning Advisor Manually

  DECLARE   l_sql_tune_task_id  VARCHAR2(100); BEGIN   l_sql_tune_task_id := DBMS_SQLTUNE.create_tuning_task (                           sql_id      => '6x2xfudxngmmj',                           scope       => DBMS_SQLTUNE.scope_comprehensive,                           time_limit  => 1200,                           task_name   => '6x2xfudxngmmj_AWR_tuning_task',                           description => 'Tuning task for query 6x2xfudxngmmj in AWR.');   DBMS_OUTPUT.put_line('l_sql_tune_task_id: ' || l_sql_tune_task_id); END; / begin  DBMS_SQLTUNE.execute_tuning_task(task_name => '6x2xfudxngmmj_AWR_tuning_task'); END; / SELECT task_name, status    FROM dba_advisor_log   WHERE owner = 'SYSTEM';  SET LONG 10000; SET PAGESIZE 1000 SET LINESIZE 200 SELECT DBMS_SQLTUNE.report_tuning_task('6x2xfudxngmmj_AWR_tuning_task') AS recommendations    FROM dual; -- Interrupting EXEC DBMS_SQLTUNE.interrupt_tuning_task (task_name =&

Oracle Database 20c preview version available for virtual machine DB systems

Oracle Database 20c preview version available for virtual machine DB systems Services :  Database Release Date : Feb. 14, 2020 You can now provision a virtual machine DB system with Oracle 20c preview version software to do development and application testing. Preview version software is limited to virtual machine systems using the Fast Provisioning option (which uses Logical Volume Manager for storage management). For more information, see  Oracle Database Preview Version Availability . You must use Logical Volume Manage to show the 20c version option:

Oracle Data Modeler and SQL Developer: change user interface (GUI) language

Oracle Data Modeler and Oracle SQL Developer does not allow to change the user interface language in “Options” or somewhere else in the GUI. This applies to the versions: Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler - Version All and later (18.2.0 in my case) Oracle SQL Developer - Version 3.2 and later However, it’s possible switch to other language, changing datamodeler\ide\bin\ide.conf configuration file. The following lines should be added to the file for support English: AddVMOption -Duser.language=en AddVMOption -Duser.country=US Restart application! SQL Developer and Data Modeler supports the following languages: French(fr), German(de), Italian(it), Spanish(es), Brazilian Portuguese(pt BR), Japanese(ja), Korean(ko), Simplified Chinese(zh CN), Traditional Chinese(zh TW).

Webcenter Content - Increase Number of SDATA Sections when using OracleTextSearch

About SDATA Oracle UCM uses the SDATA section feature in Oracle Text to index important text, date, and integer fields and define them as Optimized Fields. The SDATA section is a separate XML structure managed by the Oracle Text engine that allows the engine to respond rapidly to requests involving data and integer ranges. Content Server can have up to 32 Optimized Fields, which includes data, integer, standard Content Server fields like dInDate, dOutDate, and fields selected to be optimized. All Optimized Fields are SDATA fields, which by default include dDocName, dDocTitle, dDocType, and dSecurityGroup. Source: https://docs.oracle.com/cd/E21043_01/doc.1111/e10792/c05_search001.htm Configuration for Database: For database version > can already have more than 32 sections, does not need to be configured. For database version is Oracle Apply the Oracle Patch Set: See Note:1562139.1 " Patch Set - Availability and Known Issues